Application Deadline:July 13th (Fri) 5:00pm JP Time

Objective of this camp

Acquire scientific research and critical thinking skills through problem-based learning and innovation to solve existing problems.

We are looking for students who have strong interest in:

  • Science, Geography or Research
  • Having first-hand experience in doing field work as part of a research project
  • Work in a culturally diverse team

Acquire and refine research skills by hypothesis, experimenting, analyzing, and re-evaluation of hypothesis

Students will be exposed to challenge-driven innovation, where they will seek knowledge and inquiry to solve an existing problem faced in Aso, Kumamoto.

Experience cultural exchange and communicate with students from different countries and background.


Details of Research Projects

Project 1 Create the most efficient Wind Power Generator!

Power Is An Wind Alternative Energy That Does Not Rely On Fossil Energy. While Making Mini Wind Power Generator, You Will Learn About The Amount Of Energy That You Normally Used And The Energy Near Us.

Day 1

  • [Lecture] Introduction to Energy
  • [Lecture] Introduction to Wind Power Generator
  • [Lab Work] Let’s make the basic shape of Wind Power Generator
  • [Lab Work] Let’s make a hypothesis 
  • [Lab Work] Let’s make a Wind Power Generator
  • [Measure and Analysis] Let’s measure the amount of energy being generated

Day 2

  • [Lab Work] Final touch up on Wind Power Generator Prototype
  • 【Final testing】 Let’s all generate power!
  • Lunch
  • [Summary of Results] Wind Power Generator Demonstration!

Project② Reveal secrets of volcano through field work

Aso has many volcanoes. By collecting and analyzing rocks in the field, we experience the charm of earth science and exploration the formation of the volcano.

Day 1
[Lecture] Volcano Research And Natural Environment Of Aso, Field Work
[Field Work] Observation Of Crater, Observation Of Ejecta, Collection Of Ejecta
[Observation And Experiment] Observation · Experimentation Description And Observation · Experimentation, Recording Results
Day 2
[Lecture ] Volcano of the World, Volcano of the World
[Special lecture] Wonder of Iwo Jima and Caldera (Dr. Takashi Ohiwaita (Physics))
[Summary of Results] Report Summary of Fieldwork Results

Let’s explore together!

戸上 純(とがみ まこと) 先生


仲栄真 礁(なかえま しょう)先生


戸金 悠(とがね ゆう)先生 


前田 里美(まえだ さとみ)先生

埼玉県出身。高校卒業後、アメリカへ。心理学で学士、修士、博士号を取得。大学では、アカデミックアドバイザーとして働きながら研究に携わる。Ph.D. in Human Factor’s Psychology。 


Schedule: 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th (3 nights 4 days)
Location: Aso’s Villa Park Hotel & Spa Resort ( )
Address: 〒869-2225 Kumamoto Prefecture Aso City Kurokawa 1230
Participants: 50 junior High and high school students in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia Cost: 120,000 yen (from Tokyo) 110,000 yen (from Osaka) (travel expenses from Haneda Airport, Shin Osaka Airport, accommodation fee, Including participation fee) ※ arrangements arrangements will be made by Kinki Nippon Tourist Kansai Co., Ltd.


Please contact [email protected] or complete the form with your name, school, academic year/grade level, a reason for participation and enthusiasm. (In charge: Maeda) I will send you an application form for traveling.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries.
Phone number: + 65-83387685 (SG), + 60-18-2233-230 (MY)
E-mail: [email protected]
Person-in- charge: Elizabeth (SG), Fatin (MY)