Science Castle 2023 Kanto

Event Name Science Castle 2023 Kanto
schedule Saturday, December 2, 2023 09:30-18:00
Location Showa Junior and Senior High School Attached to Showa Women's University Access

Ticket of Admission

The conference invites visitors from middle and high school students, middle and high school teachers, researchers, business people, and the general public.

All presenting principal investigators, co-researchers, faculty members, visitors, etc. [All visitors

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Oral Presentation


Kazuhiro Komatsu (Junior High School attached to Suwa Seiryo High School, Nagano, Japan)
Quantification of opening and closing status of tussock moths using deep learning to elucidate and control their sleeping movements.


Maki Agatsuma (Musashi High School, Tokyo)
Quantification of snail regenerative capacity and regeneration


Junpei Saito (Keio Shiki Senior High School)
Developing new interfaces between humans and computers


Yonami Kakuno (Mita Kokusai Gakuen High School)
Analysis of disease-causing amino acid mutations


Yoshifumi Kudo (Asano Junior & Senior High School)
Elucidating the Effects of Biochar Spraying on Forest Ecosystems and Contributing to Global Warming Mitigation


Kosei Miyamoto (Urawa Jitsugyo Gakuen Junior & Senior High School)
Mystery of Gaku hydrangea's decorative flowers remaining warped for a long period of time.


Kaho Negishi (Gunma Prefectural Ota Women's High School)
Easy Isolation Agar Medium - Creation of a Special Agar Medium for Yeast Resistant to Bacterial Contamination


Qisoo Jang (Junior High School attached to the Faculty of Education, University of Toyama)
Pulse Simulator


Nana Saito (Tochigi Prefectural Yaita Higashi High School)
Mathematical and physical analysis of nonlinear phenomena


Tsutomu Fujimori (Yamanashi Prefectural Nirasaki Senior High School)
Beetle gut bacteria III


Masaki Horikawa (Asano High School)
Numerous carbonate rocks from conglomerates in the Oiso Formation and traces of carbonate migration mainly within the conglomerate beds


Yuka Ikeda (Kaichi Junior & Senior High School)
Development of cascara (coffee cherry) tea

Schedule for the day

Venue Main Venue
Poster Room Planning venue
9:00 inauguration inauguration
9:30 opening ceremony
(Opening remarks and introduction of partners)
9:55 keynote speech
10:20 <Oral Presentation
Introduction of Oral Presentation Judges
Oral Presentations O-01 to 04
Oral Presentations O-05 to 08
Oral Presentations O-09-12
13:20 lunch break
14:00 Poster Presentations (first half, odd numbers)  
15:00 Poster Presentations (second half, even numbers)  
16:00 special project
17:00 Awards Ceremony and Closing Ceremony
18:00 end
number subject of an address Name of Representative belong to
P-01 Percentage of black spots on ladybird sheath wings Izumi violet (Viola odorata) Dalton Tokyo Gakuen High School
P-02 Is there really a relationship between umbrellas and wetness to rain? Kazuyoshi Koide Showa High School Attached to Showa Women's University
P-03 Water purification filter using spider silk Hanashi Sasaki Showa High School Attached to Showa Women's University
P-04 Research on building structures that take advantage of the environment without relying on heating and cooling equipment Yuna Souhiro Chiba City Tsuga Junior High School
P-05 Variation of sound insulation properties with the material and shape of the shielding Kojiro Uchimura Chiba City Tsuga Junior High School
P-06 Hamana River whirlpools are fun to ride - Approaching the mechanism of whirlpool generation Keigo Katsuya Hamamatsu Gakugei High School
P-07 Development of CO2 absorption ceramics using cyanobacteria Yuki Haruyama homeschooling
P-08 Inhibition of phototoxicity by solarene dried honoka Showa Junior High School Attached to Showa Women's University
P-09 Creation of whale shark-shaped robots to restore oceans and rivers to their original state Kennosuke Nagata Tokyo Institute of Technology High School of Science and Technology
P-10 Microplastic collection robot No. 3 Tanaka Shirei Matsuda Elementary School, Ginoza Village, Okinawa, Japan
P-11 Elucidation of the antagonistic mechanism of action for the application of food additives of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Rinna Fukuoka Mita International High School
P-12 Behavior of crows in nesting areas Raoi Shimizu Yamanashi Eiwa High School
P-13 Can we save on silkworm feed? ceremony performed by a ceremony ceremony performed by a ceremony maid, a ceremony performed by a priest, a ceremony performed by a Buddhist priest, etc. Hiratsuka Municipal Kanda Junior High School
P-14 Improve efficiency of lactobacillus absorption rate Kyoko Watanabe Yamagata Higashi High School
P-15 Is the lifespan of the praying mantis dependent on genes? Sho Kasahara Ochiai Junior High School
P-16 Development of an opposing three-finger myoelectric prosthetic hand for writing Yui Watanabe Toshimaoka Girls' Gakuen High School
P-17 Relationship between odor and carbon number and molecular structure of acetate esters Shoya Inoue Waseda Junior & Senior High School
P-18 Culture and detection of short-chain fatty acid producing bacteria increased by fructooligosaccharides Aiaki Takeuchi Yamamura International High School
P-19 The Relationship Between Exercise and Sleep to Increase Life Potential Nobuto Furuya Sundai Kofu Junior High School
P-20 In Vivo and In Vitro Changes in Fish Sex Change and Establishment of Sex Identification Using Blood Sampling Haruto Aiki Asano Junior & Senior High School
P-21 Ecology of Kawanina and appropriate breeding environment Yuuki Oba Tohoku Gakuin High School
P-22 Behavior of Xyasusia japonica in Koubushin UNESCO Eco Park Anai Onmaku (third highest of the eight hereditary titles) Yamanashi Eiwa High School
P-23 Relationship between trampling mass and growth promotion of plantain Higashiyama Love Showa Junior High School Attached to Showa Women's University
P-24 Survey research on social connections and disaster awareness of people with disabilities and their sense of anxiety during disasters Miyu Koshimizu Yachiyo Shoin High School
P-25 Search Method for Actinomycetes Based on Artificial Intelligence Image Processing Techniques pongee (soft thin cloth woven from raw silk) Mita International High School
P-26 Exploring new fertilizers using aquaponics first greenbugs Hanashi Suzuki Mita International High School
P-27 Preferred physical environment and sensory organs of the thrips. Masaharu Suzuki Saitama Prefectural Kuki Hokuyo High School
P-28 How should people and society relate to trichotillomania? Ayaka Izutsu Morioka First High School
P-29 If we could wear chloroplasts. Miharu Moroi Hosen Gakuen Junior High School
P-30 Let AI read your emotions. Utilize it. (AI x Emotion) Haruki Ueshima Meisei Junior High School
P-31 Follow the whereabouts of the pigment! Continued ~Generation and Utilization of Colored Cocoons~! Yuri Tagawa Karan Girls' Junior and Senior High School
P-32 Effects of an exotic species of cod loach on native loach species. You're right. Urawa Jitsugyo Gakuen Junior & Senior High School
P-33 Playing pleasant "music" with "mathematics Yumi Ogasawara Otsuma Tama Senior High School
P-34 Why is there more than one science in this world? Maama Okamoto Sanda International School High School
P-35 Sunscreen halves freshwater algae production. Daiki Naito Soonchun High School
P-36 Radiation measurement and image analysis using a webcam Ayaka Uchida Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari High School
P-37 Mitochondria and Disease Sento Shihime Mita International High School
P-38 Relationship between the combustion of sparklers and the composition of black powder Hikari Matsuyama Kanagawa Sogo Sangyo High School
P-39 On the memory of the sowbug Aoi Sakai Ishizuka Showa Junior High School Attached to Showa Women's University
P-40 Observation of Shoebill Minami Kimura Showa Junior High School Attached to Showa Women's University
P-41 Classical and harmonic views and analysis of Катюша Runa Ishida Showa Junior High School Attached to Showa Women's University
P-42 Effect of light on actinomycetes Nanaka Kawakita Mita International High School
P-43 Reuse of coffee grounds Masuda, Kanawa Shizuoka Sugoha High School
P-44 Ecological Survey of Kawanina for Firefly Conservation I Yuma Saito Fukushima Futaba Mirai Gakuen High School
P-45 Elucidation of Behavioral Regularities in the Long-Term Breeding of the Giant Bark Beetle, Bombyx mori. Sakurami Sugita Asano Junior & Senior High School
P-46 Juvenile Fish Surging into Hirakata Bay - Comparison of Fish Species from 20 Years Ago May-December Yoto Kanto Gakuin Rokuura Junior and Senior High School
P-47 Proposal for a Fear Conditioning Removal Method Using Third-Person VR Shota Aso Shiba High School
P-48 Leading Scientific Research from the Perspective of U.S. Culture and Japan's Strategy for Scientific Exchange Rintaro Muto Tokyo Gakugei University High School
P-49 Relationship between ability development through educational toys and ability and academic performance in adolescence Nene Fukuyama Ikubunkan High School
P-50 Self-mirror image recognition in the honey bee (Apis mellifera). Mana Matsukami Mita International High School
P-51 Development of a new photography system with hand signs and voice recognition Yasunari Tsutsumi Yamaguchi Prefectural Tokuyama High School
P-52 Torn apart by the Corona - Factors in the Construction of Personal Space Megumi Yakura Shizuoka Sugoha High School
P-53 Function of dead bacteria in improving the intestinal environment Okuni Kisara Yokohama Science Frontier High School Junior High School
P-54 Development of environmentally friendly methods to eliminate slugs Michihito Muto Dokkyo Saitama Junior High School
P-55 Research on the "escape activity from external enemies" of the Japanese curlew Yoshihara Jo Urawa Jitsugyo Gakuen High School
P-56 Differences in sugar content of various pulpy jams as a result of cooking Taira-no-Mai Tokiwamatsu Gakuen Junior & Senior High School
P-57 Toward the Development of a Wearable Bio Battery that Generates Electricity from Sweat - What is Electricity Generated by Sweat? Shinka Maekawa Ibaraki Prefectural Namiki Secondary School
P-58 Efficiency Improvement of Vertical Shaft Wind Turbine with Diffuser Yuhoi Shiota Mita International High School
P-59 Development and flight testing of small winged rockets Masahito Nakajima Ikubunkan Global High School
P-60 Beetle gut bacteria III Takusho Miura Yamanashi Prefectural Nirasaki High School
P-61 Exploration of Pelton turbines for small hydroelectric power generation Yuka Ikeda Mita International High School
P-62 Study of the larvae and pupa of the yellow-bellied swallowtail butterfly Daiki Yamashita Exploration Classroom ESTEM
P-63 Gelation mechanism of konjac glucomannan Tomena Osugi Gunma Prefectural Ota Women's High School
P-64 Changes in the bird fauna of the Izumi Tama River over the past 49 years and their factors Aiyu Watanabe Tokyo University of Agriculture First High School
P-65 Blister hand grip, other hand slips? ~What is the best hand to grip? SATO Koto Riri Exploration Classroom ESTEM
P-66 The role of mushrooms in forest ecosystems and their relationship with soil animals Yasumitsu Fujiyoshi Asano Junior and Senior High School
P-67 Analysis of step-up/down photic startle response by quantifying the movement patterns of green lacewings using deep learning. Shinichi Kokubu Junior High School Attached to Suwa Seiryo High School
P-68 The storage of planarian memories Mochinaga Aemika Mita International High School
P-69 Arakashi Forest on Mt. Atago-yama, Kofu City II - Through the temperature tolerance of the sasaradani Sakura Inoue Yamanashi Eiwa High School
P-70 Optimal method of bisecting a cookie into two equal parts Heki Sakaue Yokohama Science Frontier High School
P-71 Research on Goshazan Oroshi Konno Ikken Fukushima Prefectural Futaba Mirai Gakuen High School
P-72 Examination of Daphnia magna as a food source - Breeding water and food. Sakuraka Wada Tokyo Metropolitan Fuji High School Junior High School
P-73 Does the chirping of cicadas have a relaxing effect equivalent to 1/f fluctuation? Saki Terada Tokiwamatsu Gakuen Junior & Senior High School
P-74 Identification of natural yeasts around us and their properties for sugar a mountain spring Kanagawa Prefectural Tama High School
P-75 How do lactic acid bacteria affect plant growth? Satoshi Kouno Soka Junior High School
P-76 How much the ball bounces! ~ Floor and Ball Combination ~. Sanryo Kato Yokohama Soei Junior High School
P-77 Usefulness of Cheese in Microbial Power Generation Kaito Nakamura Fuefuki-shiritsu Kasugai Junior High School
P-78 The Stress Relieving Power of Animation Eto Aika Ikubunkan High School
P-79 Factors related to the color band of Mai Mai Yuiatsu Katsura Mita International High School
P-80 Drag shield for in-school drop tower experiment Koutaro Ihara Tokyo Gakugei University High School

Tetsushi Nishiyama Head of Jury
Doctor of Science
General Manager, Founding Development Division, Riverness Inc.

General Manager, Founding Development Division. Doctor of Science. He has been involved in a number of projects such as "L-RAD," which creates joint research between academia and industry based on unused research ideas, "DeSET," which develops technology to dramatically accelerate the creation of submarine topographic maps, and the planning and promotion of new research themes at major corporate research laboratories. In September 2021, he was appointed to his current position, where he is taking on the challenge of creating businesses that go beyond research.

Naoki Morishita Jury
Doctor of Agriculture
Manager in Charge, Central Research Laboratory, Nippon Ham Co.

After receiving a Master's degree from Yokohama City University's Graduate School of Integrated Science, he joined the Central Research Laboratory of Nippon Ham Co. in 2003. He was involved in the research and development of food testing kits for food allergens and food poisoning bacteria in processed foods, and received his Ph.D. in Agriculture from the Faculty of Agriculture, Kinki University in 2016.

Yasuhiro Iida, Juror
Doctor of Engineering
Kanagawa Institute of Technology Faculty of Applied Bioscience Department of Applied Bioscience Laboratory of Biological Control Science Professor
*The name of the department will be changed to "Department of Applied Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Engineering" from FY2024.

D. in Materials Science and Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. His main research interests include themes related to the development of evaluation methods for biological functions and the search for bioactive substances, such as the search for antifungal and antitumor active substances, anti-aging, and epigenetic matters. Board member of the Japanese Society for Biotechnology Education, councilor of the Japanese Society of Mycology and Mold Science, board member of the Chemical Sensor Research Group of the Electrochemical Society of Japan, and others.

Kenjiro Hanaoka, Juror
Doctor of Pharmacy
Professor, Department of Analytical Chemistry for Drug Discovery, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Keio University

He graduated from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the University of Tokyo in 2000, and completed his doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 2005. In 2021, he became a professor at the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Keio University (current position). Currently, he is engaged in the development and application of functional molecules for viewing and elucidating biological phenomena.

Yoshikazu Uehara Juror
Doctor of Engineering
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
General Manager, Future Technology Creation Center, Research and Development Division

After joining Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. in 1992, he was engaged in process development and industrialization of chemicals, followed by the development of next-generation process platform technologies such as biomass utilization, energy conservation and low-carbon technologies. He has been in his current position since April 2022.

keynote speech

Mr. Takahashi Takayama
CEO and Representative Director, OUTSENSE Inc.

Creating "Shapes" for Living in Space with Folding Engineering

Creating a "shape" for living in space with origami engineeringIn 2050, a birthday party will be held on the moon. To realize such a world, OUTSENSE is building a house by applying traditional origami techniques. This is the story of a space enthusiast and an origami enthusiast who have come together and are taking on the challenge of changing the ordinary through origami engineering.

During his graduate school days, he belonged to JAXA laboratory as a JAXA Special Usage Joint Researcher to study large structures, but he left the laboratory at the same time he left the graduate school because he felt the gap between research and social implementation. Since then, he has been engaged in private space development as an intern at ispace, while considering commercialization as a means of social implementation, aiming to build a base where humans can operate in space. (OUTSENSE). Currently, he is promoting corporate collaboration to create new businesses in various industries using origami as a seed technology, and is involved in initiatives ranging from business development to product development.

special project

During the 16:00-16:50 time slot, a special program featuring workshops for middle and high school students will be held on the second floor of Building 3. Pre-registration is available, so please register now.

[Project 1

ADvance Lab Bar

Planning Partner: ADvance Lab

Subject: Students

ADvance Lab, which was established in August this year with the aim of becoming "the world's first research institute where the next generation can work on world-changing research," will hold a workshop to generate collaborative research! By providing an opportunity to integrate each other's knowledge and technology in a casual atmosphere and without being bound by differences in fields, let's create the very research that will change the world from this place! We are looking forward to your participation, whether you are a next-generation researcher interested in solving social problems or in collaborative research, or you are just looking to expand your research community and human network!

This project has reached its capacity and is now closed.

Project 2

ikimonozukuri workshop - Let's create new products by taking advantage of the characteristics of living creatures! 〜Workshop

Planning Partner: Kanagawa Institute of Technology

Subject: Students

From lotus leaves to yogurt lids, from kingfishers to bullet trains... There are many useful products around us that make use of the shapes and characteristics of living things. In this workshop, teams will work with bioengineering researchers involved in ikimono creation to come up with new products derived from the characteristics of living creatures. Let's give shape to our own unique plan!

This project has reached its capacity and is now closed.

Project 3

A four-dimensional pocket that produces the tools researchers want to make - 3D printers for using 3D technology in schools.

Planning Partner:Nippo Corporation

Target: Teachers (students may be present)

3D modeling and 3D printing technology is now commonly used by researchers around the world, and even middle and high school students in the U.S., Europe, and China are familiar with its use. Although still rare in the Japanese educational field, they are very useful for making tools necessary for research and mock-ups of developments! Through this project, Nippo will work with teachers to develop services to develop and promote 3D printers and modeling technology that can be easily used by teachers and middle and high school students in Japan!

Project 4

Think of a research theme with "Biodiversity x Environmental Data!

Planning Partner: Focus Systems Inc.

Subject: Students

Today, global goals for the conservation and restoration of biodiversity are being set and real action is required. For example, can we examine the richness of nature from a glass of water or a spoonful of soil? Let's generate ideas for research themes together through mini-experiments and workshops while introducing social initiatives related to biodiversity and the natural environment, as well as ventures and researchers who are tackling social issues armed with cutting-edge research and analysis technologies!

This project has reached its capacity and is now closed.

List of Booth Projects

During the poster session (14:00-16:00), booth exhibits for the following projects will be held at the same venue.

ADvance Lab, a laboratory for the next generation by the next generation

ADvance Lab

The ADvance Lab was established in August of this year with the goal of becoming "the world's first research institute where the next generation can engage in world-changing research. Researchers write papers, present them at conferences, and conduct joint research with domestic and international companies and organizations. At the booth, the founding members will personally introduce how they came to establish ADvance Lab, its features, and their plans for future activities! We look forward to seeing you at our booth!

Chemistry x Biotechnology x Manufacturing!

Kanagawa Institute of Technology

Kanagawa Academy of Technology (KAIT) is a university that fosters "engineers with a research mindset" through distinctive laboratory education. From KAIT, where students can study a wide range of fields from environment, automobile, nursing, information, and bioengineering, graduate students from the Department of Applied Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Engineering, participated in this year's event! What are the mechanisms of living organisms revealed by chemistry? What is the relationship between engineering and biology, and what is the fusion of VR technology and bio-research? What are the facilities available for high school students? and more!

A Peek into the World of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Keio University

This section introduces the latest research in pharmacy conducted at Keio University's Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. It is sure to change the way you think about the study of pharmacy and broaden your horizons. What kind of future will be opened up by future pharmaceutical research? Let's experience the world of pharmacy together. You can also experience observation with a microscope. Please feel free to drop by.

Monozukuri Support Project "Monozukuri 0.

THK Corporation

Monozukuri 0. (zero dot) is a project started by THK Co., Ltd. and LIVERNESS Co., Ltd. with the aim of supporting junior high and high school students in their "monozukuri" activities. We support junior high and high school students who are willing to take one step, half step, or even 0.1 step toward "monozukuri" in your own way. At the booth, THK will introduce "THK Monozukuri Exploration Materials," which can be used in junior high school technology classes, and present the results of research and development by the 11 teams that won the THK Monozukuri 0. Award, whose theme is manufacturing aimed at solving problems using the LM Guide and other tools.

Call for Ideas! If you were to do research at the zoo, what would you do?

Tobu Real Estate Co.

To junior and senior high school student researchers who love living things, what kind of activities would you like to do if you could research the ecology of living things that you cannot usually encounter at school, the relationship between living things and people, and the connection between living things and the environment? We are looking for your exciting "Questions.

Nippo's 3D printer builds the future of middle and high school student researchers.

Nippo Corporation

3D printers are becoming more and more familiar to us. I am sure you have all heard of them. But do you know how much potential they have? Of course, they can make things, but that's not all. It can also help you give shape to your research and ideas! In this exhibit, we will show examples of research conducted by middle and high school students using 3D printers. We hope that teachers will also consider using this technology in their own schools. Please visit our booth!

Design the future of food with your voice!

Nippon Ham Corporation

The Nippon Ham Group is envisioning new forms of food and the future of food in order to continue to deliver the "joy of eating. Cellular foods (cultured meat), 3D food printers, virtual restaurants, etc... What kind of food excitement will be waiting for us in 2050? At the booth, we will imagine the future of food in 2050 and collect your ideas to create a tree. Let's think together about the exciting future of food. We are waiting for your ideas to pioneer the future of food.

Challenge yourself to research the ocean and aquatic environment with the Marine Challenge Program!

Japan Advanced Science and Technology Education and Human Resources Research and Development Organization

The Marine Challenge Program supports junior and senior high school students who want to challenge themselves in all kinds of research related to the ocean and aquatic environment. Both first-time researchers and those already conducting research are welcome! We will support your research with research funding and mentoring by research coaches. At this booth, we will offer advice on planning a research theme and introduce the Marine Challenge Program. Please let us know your interests in the ocean, such as biology, environment, manufacturing, marine debris, etc!

Talent Search Institute NEST LAB. /Tokoton Inquiry Presentation by Elementary and Junior High School Students


NEST LAB. is an online research school for elementary and junior high school students to "create knowledge by pursuing what they love. In addition, this year, the James Dyson Foundation and Children's Science have begun sponsoring the "Tokoton Challenge. At the booth, elementary and junior high school students will present the results of their activities and explain about the recruitment for next year!

Demonstration of Science Castle Abstract Search

LIVERNESS Corporation

We are developing a web service to search Science Castle abstracts. You can search by free word from the abstracts of Science Castle held in various locations over several years, so you can find abstracts related to your interests or similar to the theme you are currently researching! We will be demonstrating our web services at the booth, so if you are interested, please come and visit us. We welcome your requests and ideas!

the rest


Astellas Pharma Inc.
Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Keio University
THK Corporation
Tobu Real Estate Co.
Nippo Corporation
Nippon Ham Corporation
Japan Advanced Science and Technology Education and Human Resources Research and Development Organization
Focus Systems Co.
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Organizing and planning