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Science Castle Kanto 2022] 100 research presentations by junior and senior high school student researchers on 12/3 (Sat)

【サイエンスキャッスル 関東大会2022】12/3(土)中高生研究者による100件の研究発表を行います

 LIVANES Corporation will hold the Science Castle 2022 Kanto Conference, a conference for junior and senior high school students who are engaged in research activities, on Saturday, December 3, 2022, at Congress Square Haneda (Ota-ku, Tokyo), gathering junior and senior high school students from the Kanto area.

 Science Castle began in 2012 as a place for junior high and high school students to present their research, and has since expanded to other parts of Japan and abroad. This year's Kanto Conference will feature 12 oral and 88 poster presentations from 29 schools in 9 prefectures. In addition to 4 oral presentation judges from universities and companies and 22 research coaches, mainly young researchers affiliated with universities, staff with master's and doctoral degrees from LIVERNESS Corporation will participate in discussions and workshops to further develop the research of junior and senior high school students.

 Science Castle 2022 Kanto Conference welcomes corporate and media visitors for tours and interviews. Pre-registration is required to prevent new coronavirus infection.

Basic Information

Name: Science Castle 2022 Kanto Conference

Date: Saturday, December 3, 2022, 9:45-18:00

Venue: Osaka Meisei Gakuen Meisei Junior High School and Meisei Senior High School

  (Haneda Innovation City Zone J, 1-1-4 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan)

Tournament details: https://s-castle.com/conference/kanto2022/

keynote speech

Small Molecule Drugs That Changed the World."

Naoya Kumagai, Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Keio University

 Among the small organic compounds discovered in nature, there are many that have contributed to the significant extension of human health, medicine, and life span. It was a small molecule immunosuppressant drug from Japan that made possible organ transplantation, which had been avoided due to postoperative rejection, although technically feasible. In this lecture, we will discuss how the drug was discovered and how it has evolved from structure determination at the molecular level to a pharmaceutical product. We will also discuss the appeal of synthetic organic chemistry, which can identify molecular structures and freely transform them to provide a variety of functions, along with the motivation behind the research.

Subject of presentation

oral presentation

No. Theme name PI belong to
O-001 Elucidating the unique relationship between dragonflies during hatching. Akinao Shibata Tohoku Gakuin Junior & Senior High School
O-002 Development of brain training tasks using scratch and its clinical application Mei Echigoya Myogogakuen Junior & Senior High School
O-003 Development of biodegradable materials with temperature-selective solubility Satone Tanigaki Ibaraki Prefectural Takezono High School, International Studies Department
O-004 Tissue Culture of Clover Fumino Otani Takehaya Junior High School attached to Tokyo Gakugei University
O-005 In Vivo and In Vitro Changes in Fish Sex Change and Establishment of Sex Identification Using Blood Sampling Haruto Aiki Asano Junior and Senior High School
O-006 Bitter chocolate for skin care (sun protection) Japanese beautyberry (Callicarpa japonica) Yamamura Gakuen Yamamura International High School Biology Club
O-007 Development of lightweight, low-cost drive actuator optimized for RCJ Junpei Saito Keio Shiki Senior High School
O-008 A Day in the Life of a Red-Bellied Newt: Analysis of Circadian Rhythm and Sociality by Construction of a Behavioral Analysis System Kaho Fujita Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education, The University of Tokyo
O-009 How did protozoa, which can only live in the gut of termites, maintain their diversity until the present day? Manjiro Nozawa Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education, The University of Tokyo
O-010 Cosmic ray observation by synchronization of fog box and cosmic ray detector Aimi Sawai Kanagawa Prefectural Kawawa High School
O-011 Exploration of regenerative factors expressed in the blood of red-bellied newts. Minamihana Fujimoto Mita International High School
O-012 Investigation of the Influence of Ink on the Formation of Green Luster in Red Pigment Yuri Minoura Bunkyo Gakuin University Girls' Senior High School


Booth Project and Special Events

Booth Planning

B-001 Keio University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences - A Peek into the World of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Keio University

The latest research being conducted at Keio University's Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences to address COVID-19 and future pandemics will be introduced, and the future that pharmaceutical research will open up will be considered. There will also be a hands-on microscopic observation experience. Please feel free to drop by.


B-002 Research Tools: From the Era of Buying to the Era of Building - Let's Use 3D Technology to Accelerate Research!

Techno Seven Corporation/Nippo Corporation

3D modeling and 3D printers have changed the way the world understands manufacturing. Now, even junior high and high school students can easily handle them. With the theme of accelerating research, this year's event will call for ideas on what areas of research can be utilized, and will allow participants to experience modeling with the latest 3D printers. In order to promote original research, it will become commonplace to build parts for research instead of buying them.


B-003 How will biotechnology change our lives?

LIVERNESS Corporation

We will introduce the connections between advanced biotechnology and our daily lives, such as genome editing technology and bioplastics. We will also introduce video clips, slides, and other teaching materials that can be used as themes for exploration and problem-based research. We are also looking for model schools to conduct classes!


B-004Try your hand at research on the sea and aquatic environment! Marine Challenge Program

The Nippon Foundation, JASTO, Liverness Inc.

The Marine Challenge Program is a program to support you who want to start research on the ocean and aquatic environment. At this booth, we will introduce past research themes, give advice on planning research themes, and introduce the Marine Challenge Program.


B-005 Operation Biotic Communication - Friends with All Living Things

Focus Systems Hi-Lable, Inc. and Liverness, Inc.

Operation Biotic Communication - Friends with All Living Things - aims to connect all living things and humans, junior and senior high school students and adults, companies and researchers through communication to create a world where they can understand each other and coexist in harmony.The Science Castle Research Fund HiLable Award 2022, which was solicited as part of the operational activities, called for "any kind of research on living organisms" and selected three groups from among many applications.At this booth, we will introduce the three Hyrable Award-winning teams and their six-month history with Operation Biocommunication, as well as learn about Operation Biocommunication's future initiatives.


B-006Let's start manufacturing in your own way! Start "Monozukuri 0!

THK Corporation

Monozukuri 0. (Zero Dot) is a project started by THK Corporation and LEVANES Corporation with the aim of supporting "Monozukuri" by junior high and high school students. At the booth, examples of works developed by junior and senior high school students using the "LM Guide," a robot component developed by THK, will be introduced as part of the "THK Monozukuri 0. Award," which supports children working on research and development related to manufacturing. Visitors will also be able to experience the "Automatic Sorting Trash Bin for Recycling," a hands-on educational tool developed by THK engineers that combines their experience and ideas to tickle the inquisitive minds of junior and senior high school students. Can you create a trash can that automatically separates plastic bottles, empty cans, and steel cans?


B-007NEST LAB., a talent discovery laboratory for elementary and junior high school students


NEST LAB., a talent discovery institute for elementary and junior high school students, is a research school where students can pursue their love of learning online from anywhere in Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Three majors (Sustainable Science, Robotics and AI Technology, and Entrepreneurship) are available for students to discover their talents. At the booth, we will introduce what you will learn in each major and the activities of our graduates, so please come and visit us!


B-007 Entrepreneurship education with venture founders in their 20s

LIVANES Corporation, INOCA Corporation, BIOTA Corporation

Liverness Inc. is launching an entrepreneurship education program for middle and high school students together with founders of deep-tech ventures in their 20s. In this session, INOCA Inc. and BIOTA Inc. will join us to introduce how they are taking on the challenges of the world. Please come and listen to their cutting-edge approaches.

INOCA Corporation

This venture company aims to reproduce underwater ecosystems and aquatic environments and apply them to the conservation of endangered species and closed-cycle land-based aquaculture.

BIOTA Corporation

This venture company aims to improve public health by designing microbial diversity and its balance in urban and indoor environments, not only to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, but also to improve human health in our daily lives.



special project

A Peek into the World of Pharmacy
(Try the one-minute pitch!)
The maximum number of participants for the 1-minute research pitches is 10] Audience is free!
Partner: Faculty of Pharmacy, Keio University

Biological Communication Grand Presentation ~A Collection of Everyone's Interesting Research~!
Partner: Focus Systems Hirable, Inc.

Workshop for Teachers]
Recommendations for D&I research to be undertaken close to home
~Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) research is the study of oneself~.
Partner: Benesse Children's Foundation

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