Science Castle 2018


Science Castle 2018

2018/11/2-3 Singapore Tournament
2018/12/16 Tohoku (northernmost six prefectures of Honshu)(Fukushima Prefecture)
2018/12/16 Kyushu (November) tournament, held in Fukuoka(Kumamoto Prefecture)
2018/12/23 Kansai Conference (1922)(Osaka, Japan)
2018/12/23-24 Kanto district (inc. Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Gunma, Tochigi and Chiba prefectures)(Tokyo, Japan)
2019/4/13 Malaysia Rally

Details of each competition

Kyushu Conference Award Winners

No. theme school's name winning (a prize)
1 Can we prevent dozing off? ~The challenge of preventing nodding off by using color stimuli Kumamoto Prefectural Second High School Sleep Team Kumamoto Prefecture Next Generation Venture Creation Support Consortium Award
2 Purification ability of Dobu mussels and habitat distribution of freshwater mussels in Lake Ezu Shinwa High School Dobugai Group Award of Excellence
3 Interregional Comparison of Port Ants in Southern Japan Ikeda Gakuen Ikeda High School SSH Research Project Biology Team ANT Award of Excellence
4 Possibility of Space Utilization Fukuoka Maizuru High School Science Club Award of Excellence
5 Why is Yakushima ezo-zemi there? Kagoshima Kokubu High School Science Club Minamata Environmental Academia Award
6 Explore the relationship with caddisflies, which cannot coexist with killifish. Kaisei High School Award of Excellence
7 I cut down all the mousou-chiku - the relationship between bamboo groves and vegetation. Meiji Gakuen High School Liberace Award
8 Research on control of root-knot disease by lactic acid bacteria Fukuoka Prefectural Itoshima Agricultural High School Roots Club Minamata Environmental Academia Award
9 Relationship between migration and rate of weight loss in the cockatoo beetle, Cercopithecus coccineus. Miyazaki Prefectural Miyazaki Kita High School Award of Excellence
10 Tracking the Mystery of the Endangered Japanese Knotweed! Oita Prefectural Hita High School Special Prize
11 The Mystery of the Black Peacock Stone II Kumamoto Gakuen University High School Science Club, Malachite Group Award of Excellence
12 How and when do insects regulate their body temperature? Kumamoto Prefectural Toryo High School, Biology Club, Insect Team Grand Prize


Tohoku Conference Award Winners

No. theme school's name Name of Representative winning (a prize)
1 Creation of Functional Vegetables II Fukushima Municipal Watari Junior High School Science Club Minamiyu Kaneko Grand Prize
2 Research on solution pollination of fruit trees using agricultural drones Aomori Nagui Agricultural High School 4th TEAM PINE Sawayama Kana Liberace Award
3 From Productivity to Functionality<br />Tuning the tertiary function of sweetening resources to health Akita Prefectural Masuda High School Tomoya Sato Award of Excellence
4 Isolation and utilization of plant symbiotic microorganism endophytes Biotechnology Team, Agriculture Department, Yamagata Prefectural Murayama Industrial High School Yona Sato Special Prize
5 The Effect of Sound Waves (Vibration) on Yeast (YEAST) Yamagata Higashi High School Shiona Takahashi Award of Excellence
6 Flour Classification by Dust Explosion Miyagi Prefecture Shiroishi High School Science Research Club Chemistry Team Jumonji Kai Award of Excellence
7 Development of an autonomous 3-wheel drive robot and a program to control it Programming Team, Junior High School Natural Science Club, Furukawa Reimei Junior High School, Miyagi, Japan Takao Abe NOK Award
8 Tagajo High School, Miyagi, Japan Bursa. busters Tagajo High School SScience Department Haruto Funayama Rohto Award
9 Salmonid Runs in the Umamigasaki River - From a Three-Year Study Biology Club, Nihon University Yamagata High School Hayato Sugimoto Fukushima University Regional Creation Support Center Award
10 The relationship between urban rivers and the aquatic environment of red tides as seen by diatom assemblages Setagaya Gakuen Junior & Senior High School Hozoku Expanded Sea Akita Prefectural University Frontier 21 Award
11 Mass Cultivation of Ishikurage Fukushima Seikei High School, Natural Science Department Shunsuke Watanabe Award of Excellence
12 Stress Acceptance Mechanisms as Seen in Planaria Individual Collapse Planaria Group, Sendai Daisan High School, Miyagi Prefecture Yui Yahiro Hirosaki University COI Award


Kansai Competition Award Winners

No. theme school's name Name of Representative winning (a prize)
1 Mystery of water dancing on the side of a tumbler Discovery of the Gakut phenomenon Okayama Prefectural Kurashiki Amagi High School Youyori Kuwata Osaka City University Prize
2 Ecological Studies on Hermit Crabs in the Kinan Region Wakayama Prefectural Kushimoto Koza High School CGS Club Geopark Team Kota Kouyama Award of Excellence
3 Use oyster shells to conserve artificial tidal flats! Okayama Gakugeikan High School Meichen Liu "Man-Machine Unity" award
4 Toward the practical application of guided trapping devices for Argentine ants. Gifu Prefectural Yaotsu High School, Natural Science Department Chimu Fujimoto Award of Excellence
5 The secrets of moths with hovering flight capabilities. Lepidoptera Group, Biology Club, Gifu Prefectural Giyama High School Sara Okajima Grand Prize
6 Production of fish sauce using waste fry from farmed carp Sera High School, Hiroshima Prefecture, Department of Agricultural Management MUKAI, Kodai Liberace Award
7 Methane hydrate mining technology using hot spring water in Wakayama Prefecture Wakayama National College of Technology Hanan Nishinaka Award of Excellence
8 New combinatorial formulas and their application to probability theory Kwansei Gakuin Senior High School Mariko Kashiwagi Award of Excellence
9 Manufacture of semi-automatic device to remove books from a bookshelf Okayama Ichinomiya High School Takatsu, Yuya Award of Excellence
10 Is egg cracking in red-bellied newts hindered by egg yolk? Toyama Daiichi High School Yu Marumoto Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology Award
11 Toward a better understanding of the life cycle of the harlequin beetle Biology Club, Imabarishi Senior High School, Ehime, Japan Kinuka Motomiya Special Prize
12 Termites Save Japan! ~Turning Thinned Wood into a Resource~! Seifu High School Biology Club Yusei Takaya Award of Excellence


Kanto Competition Award Winners

No. theme school's name Name of Representative winning (a prize)
1 Effect of light single environment on color frying of sea bream Urawa Jitsugyo Gakuen Junior & Senior High School Biology Club Sousuke Ohtaki Award of Excellence
2 Robot production and consideration for reducing food loss Otemon Gakuin Otemae High School Mito Iwata Tokyo City University Award
3 Self-cutting of blue-green algae Numazu Higashi High School Masayuki Yasuda Special Prize
4 Search for novel biodegradable plastic-degrading cold-loving bacteria BioDiscovery Lab Researcher Course Kenjin Makuuchi Award of Excellence
5 Automatic pollination robot "Polineroid Shohei Junior & Senior High School, Biochemistry Club, Robot Development Team Taiga Yauchi Tokyo Institute of Technology Award
6 The Effects of Green Beetle and HHO Gas on Plants Mita International High School Anzu Imamura Award of Excellence
7 Effects of the black-bellied ant on the human striped ant (female). Waseda University Senior High School Science Department Biology Team Kengo Namiki Grand Prize
8 Functional properties of manuka honey observed from ulcerative colitis mice Yamamura Gakuen Yamamura International High School Biology Club Waia Arai Liberace Award
9 Changes in chloroplast number during plant growth Chiba City Tsuga Junior High School Haruei Fujimura ICU Award
10 Study of light intensity in luminescent bacteria Sophomore, Waseda University Waseda University Senior High School Shotaro Tsukimoto Award of Excellence
11 Courtship behavior of crickets Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education, The University of Tokyo Rei Shirakawa Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy Award
12 Relationship between light recovery function of E. coli and nicotinic acid Yokohama Science Frontier High School Shunya Uchida Award of Excellence


Singapore Competition Winners

No. theme school's name Name of Representative winning (a prize)
1 Investigation of The Load Bearing Capacity of Different Bridge Designs School of Science and Technology, Singapore Hafiz Thariq bin Sadali Certificate of Participation
2 Probiotic Fermentation of Organic Food Waste Into Useful Products Anglican High School, Singapore Zoie Lee Li Jin Certificate of Participation
3 Anger Detection in Text Messaging Through Natural Language Processing Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary), Singapore Eugene Lek Certificate of Participation
4 Chemically Modified Pomelo Pith for Oil Sorption Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore Xiang Yang Certificate of Participation
5 ARCHIE-The Leading Edge Archery Coaching Device Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah, Malaysia Nursi Naufal bin Najman Certificate of Participation
6 Fruit Picker and Smart Fruit Sorter for Agriculture (FRUPiSO) SMK Bako, Malaysia Mary Marceller Anak Ricky Certificate of Participation
7 Archimedes Car Saver SMK Tung Hua, Malaysia Andrew Lau Tai Liong,. Certificate of Participation
8 Investigating The Rolling Habits of Mudskippers Kaetsu Ariake Junior & High School, Japan Ayane Tanaka, Grand Winner
9 Measurement of Earth's Magnetic Field With a Spherical Neodymium Magnet Sapporo Nihon High School, Japan Yushi Miyamoto Certificate of Participation
10 Determination of Reflectivity of Concrete Slabs Applied With Paint Added with Powdered Placuna Placenta Shell As Additive Philippine Science High School - Western Visayas Campus , The Philippines Fergie John O. Frange Certificate of Participation
11 The Anti-microbial Efficacy of Moringa Oleifera Extract Against Common Postharvest Pathogen of Fruits and Vegetables Central Mindanao University Laboratory High School, The Philippines Ruth Althea G. Saludares Certificate of Participation
12 Puklapuk (Rotten Snake Fruit Fertilizer) One Sleman Senior High School Pramadita Elena Certificate of Participation


Malaysia Competition Winning Teams

No. Title. school's name winning (a prize)
1 CINNABITS Sekolah Menengah Sains Tengku Abdullah
Young Science Bridge Communicator Award
2 Local Herbs as Anti-Alcohol Sanitizer Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Gombak Certificate of Participation
3 Leaf Board Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan
Pasir Gudang 2
Certificate of Participation
4 MiMP Detector Sekolah Menengah Sains Tengku Abdullah Certificate of Participation
5 FYBRID Sekolah Tun Fatimah Certificate of Participation
6 Farming Cube Sekolah Menengah Sains Tengku Abdullah Nest Bio Award Winner
7 Modification of Cellulose from Coconut Husk for Crude Oil Spill Cleaning Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kota Kemuning Grand Winner Award
8 AquaDrone - Aquatic Drone for River Cleanup Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan
St. Francis (M)
My Conceptual Robotics (MyCRO) Award
9 BSMARTWS (Bako SMART Weather Station) Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bako Certificate of Participation
10 Wi-Flo PeC Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 16 (1) Certificate of Participation
11 Smart Train System Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tinggi St. David Certificate of Participation

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